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Tony Lyman presented the Afternoon Show on Leicester Sound from the station's launch in 1984 until late 1987.

He had been on Radio Trent in Nottingham from the late 70's/early 80's, and when they won the re-advertised licence for Leicester in 1984, he became part of the team for the new station.

Tony left Leicester Sound in late 1987 to go back to Radio Trent, where he presented the Morning Show until October 1988, when he became the new Afternoon Show host on GEM AM, the new oldies service on the former medium wave frequencies of Radio Trent and Leicester Sound. He presented various shows on GEM during his time there, including most notably the Breakfast Show in 1997/98.

He left GEM AM in late 1998 to move to Century 106, the new regional station for the East Midlands, where he initially presented the Morning Show, and provided cover whenever any of the other presenters were on holiday. He presented The Love Zone, Saturday nights for a while, until he left Century in September 2001

Tony then moved to Saga 105.7 FM in the West Midlands, first presenting weekend breakfasts and a Sunday late night show, and then presented weekday drivetime from 4.00pm - 7.00pm and Saturday breakfasts.

Tony left Saga 105.7 FM in January 2003 to go to Saga 106.6 FM, the new regional station in the East Midlands, where he presented Drivetime when the station launched in February 2003

Tony then moved to weekday afternoons and Saturday breakfast

Saga was rebranded as Smooth Radio from March 2007, and Tony presented mid mornings until September 2007, when he briefly moved to the afternoonn show, and since October 2007 has been presenting the Smooth Drive Home. He also presented Saturday breakfast for quite a while, but now can be heard on Sunday mornings.

Hear a jingle from Tony's time on GEM AM (35KB)

Hear jingles from Tony's time at Radio Trent (24KB)

How does Leicester Sound squeeze so much.......(467KB)

Sunday Requests with Tony Lyman (357KB)

The real Tony Lyman (328KB)

Lost and Founds (492KB)

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Hear a promo for Sounds Across Midnight with Tony on Radio Trent

Go to bed with Tony Lyman

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