Thanks to Paul Simpson for this picture.

Rob Wagstaff was one of the major voices on Leicester Sound in it's early years.

He presented the evening "youth" show Nightlife from it's launch until early 1989. Nightlife was like a radio youth club, and the show even had a "club" of it's own called the Nightlife Gang. As a member of the Nightlife Gang you received a bagde like the one shown below.

Thanks to Paul Simpson for this picture.

You also received a certficate and monthly newsletter, examples of which are available for download below.

Newsletter Download (209KB)

Certificate Download (63KB)

Thanks to Paul Simpson for both of those downloads.

Following his departure from Nightlife in early 1989, Rob went on to present the Morning Show on Trent FM in Nottingham, which he continued to do for a number of years. He then became Programme Controller at Trent FM, then spent several years as Programme Controller at RAM FM in Derby, which he left in 2002. He is now Programme Controller of Trax FM in Bassetlaw

Hear the jingle which started Nightlife every night (71KB)

Hear an episode of the Nightlife Story (776KB)

Hear a Rob Wagstaff jingle (50KB)

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