Many, many thanks indeed to Paul Simpson for this picture.

Although I only heard him presenting the Breakfast Show on Leicester Sound for a short period, Nick Murden will always be a radio hero of mine. He was the first voice on Leicester Sound in 1984, and when I first heard him, sometime during 1987, when I was 9 years old, it made me want to know more about this fantastic radio station. I was so interested in his programme, that I scribbled a short letter out and sent it in, just to say how great I thought he was. To my amazement, one day he read this out on air, and played Bruce Willis "Under The Boardwalk", which had recently been a hit, for me. I happened to catch the moment on tape, and it will always remain in my memory.

Hear clips from Nick Murden's first show on Leicester Sound (708KB)

More clips from Nick Murden's first show on Leicester Sound (387KB)

More clips from Nick Murden's first show on Leicester Sound

More clips from Nick Murden's first show on Leicester Sound

Nick disappeared from the airwaves on Leicester Sound in late 1987/early 1988, and reappeared later that year for a short spell at BBC Radio Nottingham. He also suddenly left there. I thought that he had simply gone to work in another part of the country, which is quite common for radio presenters, so I was shocked and astonished, when whilst listening to the Breakfast Show on Leicester Sound (now called Sound FM) to hear Kenny Hauge announce that Nick had died, at the young age of 30. This upset me very much, and sometimes still does, the most evident of these was when, on the occasion of Leicester Sound's 10th birthday in 1994, Kenny Hauge gave this small tribute.

Hear Kenny Hauge's tribute

I have received an e-mail from a friend of Nick's who made some jingles with him whilst at Leicester Sound. I have been given permission to include these here.

He's the man (678KB)

Nick Murden on your radio (770KB)

What kind of person presents a show like this (232KB)

The above files were kindly sent to me by John Asher, and are displayed here with his permission.

John also asked me to include this small tribute........

" Nick...If you have the internet where you are (and I think if anyone could get it it would be you). I hope you enjoy hearing the jingles again......I hope they bring back the memories of the special times we had being bonkers on the radio, and hurtling 'round in your fast car. I have missed you this past decade..... and will continue to miss you... Your old pal John..."

The clips included here are to demonstrate what Leicester Sound sounded like. No infringements of any copyrights is intended. If you feel that I have infringed your copyright on these clips then please let me know and the offending clip will be removed from this website immediately.

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