Mark Hayman's first job on Leicester Sound was in late 1987, as an assistant to Kenny Hauge on the Breakfast Show, usually reading the travel news, or even reading live commercials. Eventually, Mark graduated to having his own show, although only once a week. Mark presented Saturday mornings on the station from December 1989.

Hear Mark's trailer for his Saturday morning show

This show was successful, so in 1990 Mark got his own daily show, Drivetime, running from 4pm-6pm. This was later extended to 3pm-6pm, and renamed Drivetime Plus. In April 1991, Mark became the new host of the Leicester Sound breakfast show, when Kenny Hague moved to afternoons. Then in late 1991 he was given the job of presenting the station's evening show, the first time the evening output had come from Leicester since the station had been on air. Again, this proved very successful and in December 1991, Mark announced that he was leaving the station, to go to it's rival BBC Radio Leicester.

He arrived at Radio Leicester in January 1992 to present Leicester PM, the station's drivetime programme. Mark later presented Radio Leicester's breakfast show, Good Morning Leicester.

Until recently I did not know where Mark was after he left BBC Radio Leicester, but he e-mailed me today after being told about this page, and has let me know what he is doing now.

"When I left Radio Leicester in August 1995, I moved to BBC Southern Counties Radio (Sussex, Surrey and NE Hants). I worked as a producer and then as News Editor until Dec 1999. Since then I have been working around the South and have spent time as News Editor at BBC Radio Solent, BBC Radio Oxford and BBC Radio Berkshire. Since September last year I have been working on BBC South Today as producer of their new regional programme for Oxfordshire, Bucks and Wilts."

Mark sent me a further email in January 2007

"I have just stumbled across your website - so I thought I would say hello and thanks for the trip down memory lane. You have quite a collection. It was a bit scarey hearing those trails you have with me on them..I have loads of tapes somewhere in a bag..I must go through them one day! I loved my time at Leicester Sound - especially on was great fun. I live in Kent now and i am still working at the BBC. I'm the Newsgathering Editor at BBC South East. I saw the thread with you asking what happened to me..hope that helps. Any - love the website...I haven't heard that second Centre Radio package for years!"

My thanks to Mark Hayman for letting me know where he is now. (again)

Since then, Mark has now moved again and is working at ITV on their Calendar regional news for Yorkshire

Hear Mark Hayman on Leicester Sound (61KB)

A Mark Hayman jingle (14KB)

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