Mike Cass used to appear on Leicester Sound once every year, on his birthday. Kenny Hauge was a family friend and he used to allow the young Mike onto his show every year just to say hello.

Not surprisingly, Mike decided he wanted a career in radio, and this dream was realised when he appeared presenting on Leicester Sound in 1992, sitting in for other presenters who were on holiday. In April 1993, he finally got his own show, taking over the evening show from Keri Jones, who moved to drivetime, 4pm-7pm. When Keri left a few months later, Mike took over his drivetime slot, as well as the Sportsbeat programme on Saturday afternoons. He remained there until the GWR relaunch of the station in March 1994, Following this, he disappeard from the airwaves for some time, but happily returned in 1995 to present a couple of evening shows a week, prior to Late Night Love being introduced on the station, which was in November 1995.

Following this, Mike went to work for Chrysalis Radio, presenting on Heart 106.2 in London. He then spent some time as Programme Controller of Galaxy 105-106 in Newcastle, and at Galaxy 105 in Leeds, but is now Group Programme Director for the whole Galaxy network.

Thanks to David Lloyd for updating me on what Mike is doing now.

Hear a Mike Cass jingle (64KB)

Hear another Mike Cass jingle (30KB)

Sportsbeat with Mike Cass (18KB)

Hear Mike Cass in action on Leicester Sound (134KB)

A clip of Mike introducing a Greatest Hits Tripleplay in 1995 (57KB)

Another Greatest Hits Tripleplay (52KB)

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