In January 1992, following the creation of Midlands Radio plc the previous year. Leicester Sound stopped sharing evening programmes with Trent FM in Nottingham and began sharing with Mercia FM in Coventry instead.

As they were to share programmes, the two stations had to sound similar. Therefore, Leicester Sound gained a whole new set of jingles and promos. To give an example, the following is a jingle which was used at the weekend, simply saying "Great Music for a Great Weekend". I include the Leicester Sound version, and the Mercia version.

Great Music For A Great Weekend - Leicester Sound version (163KB)

Great Music For A Great Weekend - Mercia FM version (167KB)

Promo number 1(221KB)

Promo number 2(445KB)

A jingle from 1992(92KB)

See the 1992 schedule here.

Both Mark Keen and Nightbeat were shared with Mercia FM. Of course, when Mark was on holiday we were treated to a variety of Mercia presenters covering his show, and over time we met Gary Hynes, Matthew Wright, Jim Twyneham, Chris Pegg, Marc Silk and others.

Leicester Sound's licence was renewed for another 8 years in 1993, the present one expiring in 1995. Later that year, Midlands Radio plc was bought by the GWR Group, who wanted to know what people thought of the station, as the following promotion shows.....

The promotion advertising public meetings to discuss Leicester Sound (173KB)

There were also questionaires published in local newspapers. This data was looked at, and on Sunday 20th March 1994, we began to get a taste for what was about to happen........

Leicester Sound on Sunday 20th March 1994

All that was heard all day (apart from the Network Chart) was back to back music and announcements like the one above. There were no commercials. This was all in preparation for the re-launch of the station the following morning.

The clips included here are to demonstrate what Leicester Sound sounded like. No infringements of any copyrights is intended. If you feel that I have infringed your copyright on these clips then please let me know and the offending clip will be removed from this website immediately.

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