As mentioned on the previous page, in 1991 the station renamed itself Leicester Sound FM, which meant another new logo.....

The new Leicester Sound logo in 1991

As far as I recall however,at the time of the renaming in March/April 1991, not many new jingles were introduced. From my tapes I can only find one or two.

Hear the new news jingle(35KB)

It's Today's FM.....(25KB)

Leicester Sound 103.2(15KB)

Music and More!(19KB)

Several new programmes were also introduced during this period, both concerned with charts in other parts of the world. The Eurochart and America's Choice were both a part of Leicester Sound's schedule for a number of years, both finishing in 1993, if my memory serves me correctly.

Hear a promo for America's Choice with Benny Brown(117KB)

Hear a promo for the Eurochart with Pat Sharp(117KB)

In September 1991, David Lloyd left Leicester Sound after 4 years, and a new programme controller was brought in, and the station's schedule was revamped. This revamp included, for the first time in the station's history, programmes broadcast from Leicester in the evenings, as prior to 1991, evening programmes after 6.00pm, and 12midday at weekends, had always come from Radio Trent in Nottingham. The new evening show was to be presented by Mark Hayman, and ran from 6.00pm each weekday night.

See the 1991 schedule here.

In total Leicester Sound now broadcast from Leicester for 16 hours a day, compared to 12 before. At weekends it was even better, as it was now until 11.00pm on Saturdays and 10.00pm on Sundays, where previously it had been 12 midday, so this was a vast improvement. However, in January 1992, there were to be further changes.......

Yet another new news jingle was introduced as well(25KB)

The clips included here are to demonstrate what Leicester Sound sounded like. No infringements of any copyrights is intended. If you feel that I have infringed your copyright on these clips then please let me know and the offending clip will be removed from this website immediately.

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