At the end of 1987, some new presenters arrived at Leicester Sound. This coincided with the arrival of David Lloyd as Programme Controller. He was also one of the new presenters, the other being Kenny Hauge.

Hear what Leicester Sound sounded like in 1987 when the celebrated 1032 days on air (237KB)

A five minute montage of Leicester Sound in 1987 (1.2MB)

With both of these new presenters installed, and a new schedule in place, the station annouced that, from October 4th 1988, it was giving up it's 1260 AM frequency to a new service GEM-AM, which would broadcast golden oldies from the 60's and 70's, as well as taking Sabras, Leicester Sound's existing programme for the Asian community, and all the sport previously heard on Leicester Sound.

During 1988, in preparation for the loss of the AM frequency, the station renamed itself Sound FM, and produced a new logo and a new jingle package.

The new Sound FM logo from 1988

Here are some examples of the new jingles

Stereo Sound FM 103.2(84KB)

On vinyl or CD.......

Stereo Sound FM, 24 Hour News(163KB)

Today's FM Station.....(134KB)

103.2 Sound FM(54KB)

The best sound in Leicester(64KB)

Today's hits.....(37KB)

After the station became Sound FM in 1988 it seemed to be more music based than ever before. Most of the specialist programmes went, with only The Business Programme remaining after very long (this finally finished in 1993).Apart from this, there was very little change at the station until early in 1991, when it was renamed (again), this time being called Leicester Sound FM. The story continues on the next page.

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To 1991, and beyond........

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