Following the closure of Centre Radio in October 1983, the Independent Broadcasting Authority, who regulated commercial radio at that time, decided to re-advertise the franchise for Leicester. This was won by the Radio Trent Group, who already had a successful station in Nottingham, Radio Trent, which had been running since 1975

Radio Trent bought the assetts of Centre Radio from the receivers for 300,000, and so the new station was to have Granville House as it's home, just as Centre had done. Once this was sorted out, Radio Trent got to work in setting up Leicester's new local commercial station, and the finished product, Leicester Sound, went on the air on 7th September 1984, on the same frequencies that Centre had vacated, these were...

Hear the Leicester Sound test transmissions - Clip 1 (210KB)

Hear the Leicester Sound test transmissions - Clip 2 (421KB)

Hear the Leicester Sound launch

Hear how the Radio Trent/Leicester Sound split worked

Hear a trailer for Leicester Sound's farming news

An early promo for Leicester Sound - voiced by David Lloyd

The station that never shuts it's ears - voiced by Guy Morris

I also have some early Leicester Sound jingles

97.1 Leicester Sound FM (42KB)

238 Leicester Sound - Your 24 Hour Friend (61KB)

238 Leicester Sound - Your friend throughout the year (59KB)

238 Leicester Sound - Keeping you in touch (63KB)

238 Leicester Sound - The music in your life (60KB)

238 Leicester Sound - Your 24 Hour Friend (61KB)

It's a great combination - Leicester Sound and you (34KB)

Some Christmas jingles (136KB)

Thanks to Martyn Metzner for the above jingles

The line up of presenters and the format of the station remained unchanged until late 1987, but during 1986 the station had undergone one very important change, especially for the listeners, it's FM frequency was changed.....

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