Keri Jones arrived at Leicester Sound in September 1991, presenting dance music shows on Friday and Saturday nights, and an hour long show on Sunday nights. When Mark Hayman left in January 1992, Keri took over the evening show and really made it his own. Competitions such as the Prize Plastic (which I won once), Spread The Word and various other giveaways, made the show a very entertaining listen, especially for young people. Whilst doing this show, Keri also presented the Sunday afternoon show from 1pm-4pm, which included the Gobbledegook competition, where a record was mixed up and you had to guess what it was (I never won that!). Keri remained on the Evening Show until April 1993, when, in schedule changes, he was moved to Drivetime 4pm-7pm. He didn't remain there for long, as shortly after that in June 1993, Keri left Leicester Sound.

However, Keri has done well since leaving Leicester Sound. His first job was as Programme Controller at Mix 96 in Aylesbury, he then helped to set up Valleys Radio in his native Wales, and later Quay West Radio in Somerset, the smallest station in the country. As well as all this he has presented on Century 106 for a short time at Christmas 1999, and on Fosseway Radio, where he presented overnights. He also presented on Saturday and Sunday mornings on BBC Radio Northampton during 1999-2000.

Keri was Managing Director at Radio Pembrokeshire in South Wales, as well as co-presenter of the Breakfast Show.

He is now working as a radio consultant, as well as running a community radio station for the Scilly Isles, Radio Scilly

Hear Keri Jones on Leicester Sound (230KB)

Hear a Keri Jones jingle (28KB)

Hear another Keri Jones jingle (100KB)

Keri reading the weather in 1991 (154KB)

Keri on Leicester Sound in 1992 (152KB)

Keri on the Leicester Sound auction in 1992 - Part 1

Keri on the Leicester Sound auction in 1992 - Part 2

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