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Myself and Kenny Hague - July 2014

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Among all the presenters on this site, Kenny Hague has the unique distinction of being the only one to have broadcast on both Centre Radio and Leicester Sound. On Centre Radio he presented the Centre Sound Survey on Sunday afternoons, as well as the Saturday night late show. Following Centre's closure in October 1983, Kenny went back to Radio Trent in Nottingham, where he had worked previously, until he returned to Leicester with Leicester Sound in 1987.

He woke up Leicestershire for the the best part of ten years, and in my opinion is a broadcasting legend. Taking over the Breakfast Show from Nick Murden in late 1987, as well as the Sunday Request programme, Kenny quickly established himself as one of the stations most popular presenters. His easy presentation style and willingness to break the rules when required earned him a place in everyone's hearts. Whilst at the radio station he also undertook various events for charity, including wing walking on one occasion.

Apart from a six month break during 1991 when he presented from 12pm-3pm, Kenny presented the Breakfast Show non stop for 7 years, from 1987-94. Following the GWR relaunch in March 1994 he was moved to the afternoons, but by September of that year he was back at Breakfast, as part of the "Morning Crew" (a term GWR use to describe the presenters of breakfast shows on all their stations). He was moved again to the Morning Show during 1995, went on holiday, and never returned to Leicester Sound again. A sad exit for a man who deserved better.

Since leaving Leicester Sound, Kenny has still been busy. He was involved in RSL(Restricted Service Licence) broadcasts for NOW FM in Oadby and Wigston and for Fosseway Radio in Hinckley, before it gained it's full time licence. He joined the East Midlands regional station Radio 106 FM at it's launch in September 1997, originally presenting a couple of overnights during the week and a 8pm - midnight show on Saturday and Sunday evenings. In January 1998 he was moved to present the weekday evening show from 7pm - 10pm, and he remained there, staying through the renaming of the station to Century 106 in April 1998, finally leaving on October 9th 1998, ready to take up his new post as breakfast presenter on Fosseway when it launched in November 1998.

Kenny stayed on Fosseway breakfast for nearly two years, then moved to Saturday breakfast on Fosseway Radio, and Rutland Radio on Saturday afternoons, presenting a music and sport show.

From June 2002, Kenny presented a Sunday night programme on BBC Radio Leicester, which ran until August 2003. He then moved to Saturday morning from 9.00am - 12.00 until mid 2004.

Kenny can now occasionaly be heard on Oak FM and BBC Radio Leicester, as well as presenting a regular show on 103 The Eye - the community station for Melton and the Vale of Belvoir, every Tuesday and Thursday from 8.00pm to 10.00pm


Kenny talking to a spokesman from East Midlands Electricity

Kenny talking to Gwin

Kenny talks motorbikes

Kenny reads my e-mail!

Kenny talks to Gwen (Two Sticks) from Oadby

The Neverending Story with Kenny & Sally

Me winning the competition

John Florance talks budgies

Live from Area Traffic Control........

The final goodbye just before midnight

Hear Kenny and myself discussing this site on his Radio Leicester show - 21/07/02 (2.5Mb)

Hear Kenny wishing my dad a Happy Birthday 20/10/02 (Thanks, Kenny!)

Me winning Kenny's competition 01/12/02

Hear Kenny on Radio Trent in 1980 interviewing Stormbringer (726KB)

Another clip of Kenny interviewing Stormbringer in 1980 (812KB)

Another clip of Kenny with Stormbringer in 1980 (725KB)

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Hear Kenny on Centre Radio (80KB)

Kenny on Centre Radio

Kenny presenting the Money Mountain on Centre

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Hear a Kenny Hague jingle(26KB)

Hear Kenny reading the weather in 1988!

Kenny telling us about the evening's programmes on Sound FM in 1988 (123KB)

Hear Kenny seeing in 1994 on Leicester Sound(122KB)

Another clip of Kenny on Leicester Sound on New Years Eve 1993(322KB)

Hear midnight on 31/12/1993 on Leicester Sound(525KB)

Another Kenny Hague jingle, this one from 1992 (14KB)

Hear Kenny on Leicester Sound in 1995 (151KB)

Kenny Hague - The man for your morning (16KB)

Kenny on the Breakfast Show in 1992 (156KB)

Kenny on New Year's Eve 1993 with Colin Wooley (362KB)

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