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Me with Mark Keen at the Mercia FM 25th birthday party - May 21st 2005

Mark Keen presented on Leicester Sound from January 1992 until February 1993, presenting the Naughty Late Show, which was also broadcast on Mercia FM. The show became a firm favourite with audiences due to his bizarre range of comedy characters such as amongst others,Lord Radio and Ed Whiskey,the serial Lady Godiva's Nibbles (and the sequel, Lady Godiva's Chest). The best part of the show for me was the phone in Keeny's Calls, which usually ran from about 11.15pm until midnight. There was a competition, the Sticky Bit, where the needle had stuck in the groove of the record and you had to guess the title and artist. Characters such as Bob The Sheep, Chippy the Wood Pervert and a host of regular callers (including myself, then aged 14) made the show compulsive listening, for me at least.

The Naughty Late Show ran from 10.00pm to 1.00am, with the final hour being music based, including 6 love songs following the midnight news, this slot became "Magic at Midnight".

Mark was one of the presenters who was heard on Leicester Sound after the station began taking overnight programmes from Mercia FM, so when Mercia rearranged their schedules in March 1993, Mark was moved to drivetime, 3.00pm to 6.00pm on weekday afternoons, so sadly, he was no longer heard on Leicester Sound. However, in April 1993, Mark was given a Sunday night show from 10.00pm till 1.00am, and this was available to Leicester Sound listeners (the two stations used to join from 7.00pm on Sundays). The regular callers returned again, Keeny was back on the air - everywhere. However, this Sunday night show ended when Mark was given the Mercia FM breakfast show in August 1993.

Mark remained in the breakfast slot until Mercia was taken over by GWR Group at the same time as Leicester Sound was. GWR introdced their Better Music Mix format to Mercia on Saturday 12th March 1994, and the station was relaunched as The All New Mercia FM. Mark was moved at this point to mid mornings, from 10am-2pm, and also doing a Sunday afternoon show from 1pm-4pm. He was moved around the Mercia schedules, to breakfast, evenings, then back to late nights (but not doing the same show as before). I never knew when he would be on. He left Mercia FM in 1995 after 6 years.

Following his departure from Mercia, Mark has moved around the country quite a bit, his first post Mercia job was at Kix 96 in Coventry, where he presented the breakfast show. Mark was at Kix for 2 years, before moving on to 102.4 Wish FM, which was a new station for Wigan and St Helens in the North West. Mark had the honour of being the first voice on the station, as he was breakfast show presenter. The first record he played was REM - Losing My Religion, one of his all time favourite records.

In September 1997, Mark returned to the Midlands doing what he does best, a late night phone in on the new regional radio station for the East Midlands, Radio 106 FM. This was different to his previous show in that it was all phonecalls, there were no records to be played at all (Records were played in the last hour during the first few weeks but these were soon dropped). Mark stayed in the Midlands for just over a year, by which time the station had been renamed Century 106, Mark's final phone in on Century was heard on Friday 9th October 1998.

Following his departure from Century, Mark found himself back in the North West, doing a late night phone in on Red Rose 999 in Preston. In February 1999 the station was renamed Magic 999, and Mark was moved to drivetime 3pm-7pm. Then, in 2000, the breakfast presenter left, and Mark was given the breakfast show, where he remained for a couple of years before moving back to Drivetime. Then in November 2003, Mark was moved back to late nights presented a phone in again, Monday to Thursday nights from 10.00pm - 2.00am on Magic 999.

Mark also presented Saturday afternoons from 2.00pm - 6.00pm

He left Magic in January 2005 and since then has been freelancing at Hallam FM and Key 103 in the north, and also at national station Talk Sport, where he did have a regular slot every Sunday night from 8.00pm - 10.00pm for a short time.

Mark then moved to 107.2 Wire FM in Warrington to present the morning show, and in September 2008 moved to 106.5 Central Radio in Preston, where he now presented the breakfast show until October 2009.

Since January 2014, Mark has presented mid morning at Pulse 2 in West Yorkshire!

Thanks to Mark Keen himself for letting me know what he is doing now!

Hear Mark in action on Leicester Sound (153KB)

Hear the Sticky Bit (I am one of the callers (189KB)

Hear Mark reading the weather (143KB)

The Adventures of Captain Keen (155KB)

The Boltons (441KB)

Mr Bob The Sheep, Mr Bob Bob The Sheep (127KB)

Hear Mark being nice to some callers (119KB)

Mark gives away a holiday in Paris (131KB)

Hear Mark on Radio 106 FM (161KB)

Hear my friend try to arrange a date with Mark's help (247 KB)

Mark on 28th February 1992 (179KB)

Lord Mercia's Greatest Hits (347KB)

Rock 'N' Roll Hamsters - Losing My New Trousers (521KB)

Dr Voltage - The Sex Therapist (256KB)

A Mark Keen jingle from TFM Radio - Middlesborough (23KB)

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The following clips below are from when I entered the Sticky Bit.

Clip 1 (221KB)

Clip 2 (221KB)

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