John Peters was on Leicester Sound from it's launch in 1984, presenting the Weekly Top 30 on Sunday lunchtimes. He had been a presenter on Radio Trent in Nottingham since it's launch in 1975 (and indeed, was the first voice heard on Trent). Whilst presenting the Weekly Top 30 (which was heard on Trent as well), John continued to present Trent's breakfast show.

In 1988, John moved to GEM AM, which was the medium wave service for the Radio Trent Group, where John presented the breakfast show for a number of years.

John left GEM for a short time in 1999, going to Century 106 and presenting the Golden Hour, and at this point he also began presenting shows on Fosseway Radio in Hinckley.

He returned to GEM in 2000 and presented the afternoon show (the only local show on the station) until he left at the end of 2002. He also presented Saturday breakfast on Rutland Radio and a Sunday evening nostalgia programme on Compass FM in Grimsby during this time

From February 2003 to March 2007, John was breakfast presenter at Saga 106.6 FM, the new regional station for the East Midlands. This became Smooth Radio in March 2007, where he initially hosted the drivetime programme, before being moved to overnights and weekends in 2008. John remained at Smooth until June 2010.

John can now be heard on the new Radio Trent, which is an online radio service broadcasting for Nottingham

Thanks to Paul Simpson for the Compass FM information

Hear John on the test transmissions for Radio Trent 945 in Derby (235KB)

Hear John launching GEM AM in 1988 (1.1MB)

Have a golden day with John Peters - here on GEM AM

Thanks to Neil Asher for the clips below

Hear John launching Radio Trent in 1975

John opens Radio Trent on the first day of 24 hour broadcasting 6/10/1980

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