MY SHOWS ON 95.1 HFM - 2003

Me in the studio at 95.1 HFM

From May 25th until June 21st, HFM was on air in Market Harborough to promote the annual Market Harborough carnival, which took place on June 7th

The HFM crew on stage at the 2003 Carnival

I was on air at the following times

Monday - Friday mornings 12.00 - 7.00am (May 26th - 30th only)

Saturday nights 10.00pm - 2.00am

Clips of 1st Show - 25th May 2003 (4Mb)

OVERNIGHT CLIPS - 26th to 30th MAY 2003

The 80's Hour

Mony, Mony or Moley, Moley?

Talking about cars!

Myself and Justin Case in the studio


Saturday and Sunday mornings 2.00am - 7.00am

The HFM Drivetime crew, myself, Justin Case, plus Gemma and Jodi who answer the phones and keep us in order!


Weekdays 4.00pm - 7.00pm

Brought to you in association with King Trailers of Market Harborough

HFM DRIVETIME CLIPS - 6th to 20th June 2003

Hot weather in Harborough

Bros fans

Boybands & tripleplays

Real names

Thanks to Chris Jones, Bob Scott, Moley and Phil Solo for all the hard work they do in getting HFM on air each year. I just turn up, talk rubbish and play a few records, it's them who do all the hard work!

I've wanted to be on the radio since I was 8, so thanks for giving me the opportunity guys, see you next time!

Simon Parry - June 22nd 2003

Myself and Justin Case saying goodbye at the end of our show - 6.55am Saturday June 21st 2003

Me saying goodbye - 21st June 2003

HFM CLOSEDOWN CLIPS - Saturday 21st June 2003

Top - Chris Jones on HFM's closedown show

Bottom - HFM Chairman Bob Scott give us a smile

Left - Nick Shaw looks shocked when someone tells him it's the closedown show!

Right - Richard Beeby looks on as Gemma Higgs replies to one of her many fans!

Richard Beeby

Thom Costall

Gemma Higgs

Justin Case

Keith Williams

Steve Shelton


Nick Shaw

Moley, Phil Solo and Bob Scott thank yous

Chris Jones says goodbye

The final speech and the last song!


L - R Richard Beeby & Gemma Higgs, Chris Jones and Moley

Chris Jones on HFM - June 2003

Moley on HFM - June 2003

L - R Gemma Higgs, Soozie Max and Justin Case

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