Guy Morris was one of the longest serving presenters on Leicester Sound. He was there from Day One in 1984 until the middle of 1997. He presented various shows over the years, but is best remembered for the Morning Show, which he presented from 1984-87,1991-95, and again from 1996-97.

Prior to Leicester Sound, Guy had been one of the launch presenters at Radio Trent in Nottingham in 1975. He then moved on to BRMB in Birmingham in 1979, before moving again to Radio Victory in Portsmouth in 1981, and then joined Leicester Sound for it's launch in 1984.

After leaving Leicester Sound in 1997, Guy went on to be Programme Controller at 106.9 Silk FM in Macclesfield, and then worked at Ocean FM in Portsmouth.

Guy now runs his own company MLS Audio, which specialises in providing audio equipment for live events, and has been heard covering shows on 106.6 Smooth Radio

Hear some Guy Morris jingles and the man himself!

A Guy Morris jingle(26KB)

Hear Guy reading the weather on a very wet day(333KB)

Another Guy Morris jingle(38KB)

Guy Morris in the Morning(35KB)

Guy Morris, making it with you(73KB)

Hear Guy doing an Instant Request(959KB)

Hear Guy telling us all about Leicester Sound's music(644KB)

Hear Guy introducing a Greatest Hits Tripleplay in 1995 (103KB)

Hear Guy getting a jingle wrong (59KB)

Guy on the Leicester Sound test transmissions

Thanks to Neil Asher for the clips below

Hear Guy interviewing David Lloyd, when David was on Hospital Radio!!

Guy's early days on Radio Trent

Guy's last link on Radio Trent

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