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David Lloyd arrived at Leicester Sound in 1987, coming from it's sister station Radio Trent in Nottingham. He was the new Programme Controller, and as well as these responsibilities began presenting the Morning Show, which he did for his whole time at the station.

The period in which David Lloyd was in charge for (1987-91) was an important time for the station. He oversaw the switch to FM only in 1988, and at the same time helped set up GEM AM, which was to be Leicester Sound's AM service. Following the split, a new name was chosen for the station, Sound FM, and it took on a whole new identity.

He is in my opinion one of the best presenters Leicester Sound ever had.

David has been very successful since his departure from Leicester Sound in 1991. He helped set up Lincs FM, the ILR station for Lincolnshire, which went on air in 1992, and then in 1995 was made Head of Programming and Advertising at the Radio Authority, the regulator for commercial radio.

He returned to the East Midlands in 1998 to be the new Managing Director of Century 106 which is one of the regional radio stations for the East Midlands. He left Century in May 2000 to become Managing Director of Galaxy 105 which is a dance station broadcasting to Yorkshire.

David returned to the East Midlands again in February 2003 when he joined Saga 106.6 FM, the 2nd regional station for the East Midlands, where he presents the request show on Sunday mornings from 10.00am - 1.00pm, whilst retaining his management role at Galaxy 105.

David later became MD at Galaxy 102 in Manchester (as well as retaining his role at 105). He then moved to be Managing Director of the two LBC services in London, then in September 2007 was appointed Programme Controller at Virgin Radio, where he remained until September 2008

David remained on the rebranded Smooth Radio 106.6 where he presented Your Songs on a Sunday morning until April 2008

David can now be heard every Sunday morning from 10.00am till 1.00pm on BBC Radio Nottingham, his first regular show for the BBC after nearly 30 years in radio!

David was then made Head of Regional and Local Programming for BBC East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, based in Hull, but left that post after a month to take up a Group Marketing and Programme Director post with Orion Media, who now own several radio stations in the West Midlands and Heart 106 in the East Midlands.

On January 1st 2011 Heart 106 was relaunched as Gem 106 - dropping all Heart network programming and providing a 24 hour local service. David was the first voice on the new station!

Thanks to David himself for dropping me an email to let me know what he is doing now, it really does mean a lot!

Hear a David Lloyd jingle(170KB)

Hear David Lloyd's Morning Show jingle(37KB)

Hear a trailer for David Lloyd's Time Of Your Life feature(307KB)

Hear David telling you all about how many hits can be played in 1 hour(138KB)

Hear all about Leicester Sound's commitment to news(163KB)

Hear David trailing an outside broadcast of his morning show in 1991 (81KB)

Hear the Sound FM 5th birthday trailer featuring David (88KB)

Hear the trailer for Sound FM's new nightime shows in July 1988 (128KB)

David on a trailer for Leicester Sound's news at launch (354KB)

This Is Leicester Sound - early promo featuring David

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Hear David on the test transmissions for Radio Trent 945 (75KB)

Another clip of David on the tests for Radio Trent 945 (113KB)

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David on Nottingham Hospital Radio, and his first apperance on Radio Trent, just before Easter in 1980

Hear Guy Morris interviewing David, when David was on Hospital Radio!!

An episode of Rosie & Julie from David's time on Radio Trent

David's last link on 106.6 Smooth Radio - 6th April 2008

David launches Gem 106 - 1st January 2011!

Clips from David Lloyd's Last Programme On Leicester Sound - 20th September 1991

David's final speech (465KB)

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