Andy Marriott presented Leicester Sound's afternoon show during the first few years of the station, but he is best remembered for his Television Show which ran on Leicester Sound in 1988. Following the AM/FM split, when Leicester Sound went FM only, Andy took his show to GEM AM, where it remained for a number of years. Andy also does some continuity announcing for Carlton Central (the ITV station in the Midlands) and his Television Show was resurrected for a short run during 1999/2000 on Century 106, the regional radio station for the East Midlands.

During 2001 he presented a Sunday afternoon show on BBC Radio Nottingham, but then moved to weekday and Sunday afternoons on Saga 105.7 FM in the West Midlands, as well as being Head of Music at the station when it opened in October 2001. He now presents Pure Nostalgia on Sunday afternoons on Saga 105.7, and the programme is also aired on Saga 106.6 in the East Midlands. Andy also presented special Bank Holiday editions on his Television Show on Saga 106.6

Andy then presented on 105.7 Smooth Radio in the West Midlands for some years until many of the programmes were replaced by networking in 2008

Andy continues to work as a voiceover and can also be heard on internet service Solid Gold GEM AM

Visit Andy's own website at

Hear an Andy Marriott jingle and the ATV theme

Hear Andy's GEM AM jingle

Hear Andy opening Radio Trent 945 in Derby in 1987 (175KB)

Another (longer) clip of Andy opening Radio Trent 945

Andy on Saga 106.6 presenting the Television Show

Thanks to Kevin Stanley for the Radio Trent opening clip

Thanks to Doug Sharrard for some of the above clips

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