BEST OF 2008


If 2008 had a theme it was the return of Classic Rock, with bands like Whitesnake, Journey, Def Leppard, Lice, Cooper, Uriah Heep, ACDC, Venom, Metallica and even Guns N Roses releasing albums this year, some a welcome return to form and others not doing quite so well, I will leave which ones were welcome and which weren’t down to you.


2007 saw the return to favour of Thrash and 2008 witnessed a consolidation with fantastic new albums from Dark Angel, the inspired new Testament album and a very good one from Exciter, kept the Genre in the forefront again this year with some new names like Toxic Holocaust adding new credibility.  Drawing up the top 20 of 2008 was even more difficult than usual with some big names not making it purely because the bench mark Was so high so I wanted to add the following role of honour list for those who didn’t make the top twenty, not because they went good enough but purely because there wasn’t enough room, the following can hold their head up high, Esoteric, Byzantine, Omnium Gatherum, Zimmers Hole, Judas Priest, Dozer, Bison BC, Deicide, Darkthrone, Helstar, Eyefear, Zonaria, Dark Fortress, Iced Earth, Motorhead, Disfear, Dismember, Grand Magus, Trivium, being the ones I have enjoyed the most.


My album of the year was a difficult choice between Metallica and Virgin Black but in the end Virgin Black has the edge purely because it crossed so many barriers.


On the HFM front the station fast approaches its 2nd anniversary in February and I have clocked up 46 Metal Mayhem shows, as always I would like to thank all the labels that continue to send Promo’s to me as show features new bands and new material heavily so without the kindness of the following people I literally could not do my show, my heartfelt thanks go out to: Andy@ Metal Blade / Napalm, Paul @ Peeaceville, Karl@ Eleven PR, Roland @ Work Hard, Danielle @ Roadrunner, Sarah @ Century Media, Dave @ Relapse, Tom @ Massacre and last but y no means least Simon (Webmaster) Parry for uploading everything.


I wish everyone and especially you a Heavy N Prosperous New Year looking forward to playing some great Metal to you in the coming year,




Justin Case


BEST OF 2008


AC/DC / Black Ice

Amon Amarth / Twilight Of The Thundergod

Arcane Order / In The Wake Of Collisions

Biomechanical / Cannibalized

Children Of Bodom / Blooodrunk

Cradle Of Filth – Godspeed On The Devils Thunder

Daylight Dies / Lost To The Living

Ihsahn / Angl

In Flames / A Sense Of Purpose

Lord Belial / Black Curse

Metallica / Death Magnetic

Moonspell / Night Eternal

Opeth / Watershed


Six Feet Under / Death Rituals

Slipknot / All Hope Is Gone

Soulfly / Conquest

Testament / Formation Of Damnation

Venom / Hell

Virgin Black / Requiem Fortissimo