When I read that Celtic Frost has spit up in 2008, I was dismayed, the band had released their best album for years “Monotheist” and a single question kept going through my mind, Why/ so when the news came out that Tom had put together a new band I couldn’t wait to hear what it was like.


A long 2 years have passed since the band came together but at last Triptykon has its debut alum out and I have to say that there is nothing on this album that would have sounded out of place on the last Frost album, the main difference is that the songs are darker, more Doom laden and  more menacing, listen to the first track on the CD “Geotia”, its 11 minutes long but somehow it doesn’t seem anywhere near that as it slow grinding pace, with heavy as hell, memorable riffs that keep you interested the whole time.  The second track “Abyss Within My Soul” is just as heavy and clocks in at just under 10 minutes, the slow grinding riffs build up into a monster of a track with Tom G Warrior’s melodic vocals riding above the melee like some sonic surfer.  The shorter “In Shrouds Decayed” comes oozing out of the speakers like some ghostly spectre to haunt your ears, its delicate, haunting melodies are both enticing and foreboding in equal measures until it builds into a great lumbering giant.


If you liked Celtic Frost you cant fail to like Triptykon, I read in an interview that all the material on this album was written as a follow up to “Monotheist”, listen out for: “A Thousand Lies” the most straight forward Death Metal song on the album, “Myopic Empire” the grinding heaviness of “Descendant” and the 20 minute, aptly named epic that is “The Prolonging”.   A welcome return to Tom and easily album of the week, buy the limited hard book version that has extra artwork and a cool black CD.


WEBSITE      http://www.triptykon.net & http://www.ecnturymedia.com







Abscess have bee around since 1994 but I bet the average Metal fan has not even heard of them, which is a damned shame and something I intend to put right, they are an American Death Metal band with an unhealthy dose Punk and sickness thrown in for good measure.


The mix of Death Metal with Punk works really well, its not just the music either it’s the attitude as well you only have to listen to “What Have We Done To Ourselves” to see where the band are coming from and the guitar work and vocals of Clint Bower is second to none, “The Divine Architect Of Disaster” is just as intense and just as enticing, the sheer energy of the track is impossible to ignore.  The fantastic Metal riffs just keep coming, listen to “Dark Side Of A Broken Knife” its sheer ferocity and intensity  is only matched by the passion with which the band play, “Dead Daze” has a slower, more grinding pace and owes much to early Doom laden Black Sabbath than anything but is just as appealing.  The final track “Black Void Of Oblivion” has a guest appearance by Fenriz of Darkthrone.


This is the best Abscess album for ages and I for one cant sing their praises enough, you have to buy this fantastic album, even the artwork is good and it comes in a snazzy hard back book, easily album of the week and you can be sure I will be playing tracks off this on my Hfm and Pipeline show for some time to come.


WEBSITE     http://www.abscessfreaks.com & http://www.peaceville.com