Occasionally I come across a band that totally blows me away and leaves me wondering, how the hell I lived without them before, last year it was Sign Of The Southern Cross and this year its Texas Hippie Coalition are one of those bands, they are so good, they totally lay waste to all the competition.


This band is proof that Southern Rock/Metal is alive and well in the 21st Century, the vocalist Big “Dad” Rich has such a fantastic voice, you just know you don’t get such a voice from fine living, rough as a rodeo ride and as smooth as moonshine when called for and the twin guitar attack from Randy Cooper and Crawfish is just magic, they crank out the riffs like its going out of style, with some real smooth guitar licks that just leave you wanting more.  I cant see how anyone can listen to such fine tracks as “Intervention”, “Flawed”, “Rollin’” and “Pissed Off And Mad About It” and not be totally won over like I was when I first heard the latter track on metalheadradio.com, Thanks guys, take a bow and the fine tunes don’t stop there, “Groupie Girl” is a slow song that give Rich a real chance to shine vocally and he really does it justice.


There is not one duff moment on this fantastic CD and the producer David Prayer does a fine job and captures the raw energy of the band and doesn’t over produce it, if I had the money I would personally buy every one who reads this review a copy of this inspired CD, that’s how much I love this and why you should go and buy this on spec, you will not be disappointed, I wasn’t, this could even make album of the year for me, yes its that good, listen out for tracks on my radio shows.  The only problem I have with this album is that it only lasts 40 minutes but you can hit the play button again and again.


WEBSITE      http://www.theoutlaw.com







This is the first release for Earache and the bands second album and if you like Brutal, Melodic, Technical Death Metal, with Hardcore leanings you will be totally bowled over by the stunning album that has a lot to offer.


The thing that strikes me the most about the bands music is the juxtaposition of the totally brutal Metal and the haunting, melodic hooks of the twin guitars, this makes them stand out above the competition and a very fine, enjoyable listen, to hear what I mean play “This Night Is The Coroner’s” or the brilliant “Those Who Sleep Forever”, neither of the tracks could be called an easy listen but if you are really prepared to give them a real listen you cant fail to be impressed.  If you want further proof then check out “One Of The Swarm” and the stunning “Deadworld Reclamation” both of which are 21st Century Metal at its absolute best.


If the dazzling music want enough to entice you then just look at the Cannibal Corpse inspired artwork and the other fantastic this is that Earache are selling this at a fantastic Low Price, how about £5, if that isn’t enough to get you to buy this I don’t know what will, lets face it a good pint will cost you just as much and wont last near as long as one play of the CD, go on, prove to the label this is a good idea to break new talent and get yourself some fine new music, I have and I don’t regret it one jot.  Hell even the digipack is only £8.


WEBSITE      http://www.myspace.com & http://www.earache.com