If you mention the name Axel Rudi Pell to the average Metal fan you will get a blank look from most and they will not have even heard of him and yet Axel has released and album every year since 1989, that’s an incredible 21 albums, including live and compilations.


Musically ARP is Classic Rock, similar to early Rainbow, Tony Martin era Black Sabbath with a touch of Malmsteen, so you can see that what is on offer here is timeless, well written and a damned fine listen.  Right from the opening short instrumental you know you are in store for some well, flawless, riff filled Metal with plenty of Melody.  The first song proper “Too Late” sets the pace and style that just doesn’t know when to quite, “Devil Zone” is just as classy, if not even better.  I cant see any mid period Sabbath fan not liking “Prisoner Of Love” or the slower paced “Dreaming Dead” the solo on this track is a s good as any that Iommi did in the 80’s, slow, soulful and full of emotion and it sounds so right for the song.  I also have to mention the vocalist Johnny Gioeli, who has been with the band since 1998 and does a fine job, and is as good as any of the vocalists in the bands mentioned above.


There is not one bad track or filler on this album and I can’t reckoned it too highly, I have been a fan of Axel since he left the cult German band Steeler and he has a legacy of albums that is second to none and yet still virtually unknown and criminally ignored, do yourself a favour and buy this superb album, I promise you wont regret it, the only problem will be that you will want to hear more and there is a lot more to hear, next time someone say’s “The don’t write them like that anymore” you can reply yes they do, and point them in the direction of ARP.


WEBSITE      http://www.axel-rudi-pell.com & http://www.spv.de







If you like Black Metal then bands that come from Norway is the place to look and 1349 fit the bill nicely, this is their 5th album and if you looking for a good Black Metal CD then look no further than “Demonoir” as it has everything you need.


This album is as dark as it gets and each track is linked by a short, atmospheric instrumental which only adds to the album and makes all the tracks seem even darker and more menacing, check out the superb “Atomic Chapel”, the awesome “Psalm 7:77”or the thunderous “The Devil Of The Deserts” and I promise you will not be disappointed, especially if you like Dimmu Borgir, Mayhem or Lord Belial.  This album may not be for the casual listener but if, like me you are a true Metalhead then 1349 is the CD for you.


There is, or was a limited edition with an extra disc containing, covers of a Dark Angel, Exodus and Bauhaus, all of which are good, there are only 666copies, minus the one that I bought.


WEBSITE     http://www.legion1349.com