Vader have got to be Poland’s longest running Death Metal band, 26 years the guys have been making the Metal and you don’t last as long as that without doing something right and I’m pleased to say the this latest CD is not going to change that.


This is Vader at their best, hard hitting, uncompromising and as hard edged as ever, world class Death  Metal that will have any real extreme Metal fan salivating like a rabid dong in no time flat, one listen to the mighty opening track “Devilized” will lead you to the conclusion that Vader rule!  If that track didn’t convince you then wait till you hear “Rise Of The Undead”, “We Are The Horde”, “Impure” and the outstanding, lumbering monster that is “When The Sun Drown In Black” will, world class Metal as good as this can’t be ignored for long.


As far as Polish Death Metal is concerned Vader still destroy, however, Behemoth and Decapitated come a very close second and are catching up with the guys fast, if you like Death Metal this album is essential also as usual there is a bonus DVD with live footage and other cool stuff and the CD has two extra tracks, covers of Black Metal (Venom) and Fight Fire With Fire ( Metallica) bonus.


WEBSITE     http://www.vader.pl & http://www.nuclearblast.de







I had not heard of this band before until a recent email from their label Season Of Mist and the first track I heard was the brilliant “My Heart Is A Tomb” but this was more than enough for me to want to hear more and having got hold of the CD, I can assure you that I was not disappointed.


I check out more info about the band and I was not surprised to find out that they were Finnish, the powerful, haunting melodies coupled with crushing Death Metal with Progressive leanings told me as much.  The CD just over an hour long and every minutes is filled with the best Metal you could wish for, how could you listen to “Lost In A Loop” and not be totally blown away by the strong, evocative melodies and the potent Death Metal riffs that are so prevalent.  The 9 minute plus “Birth” is a lumbering giant that lures you into it with soft, warm melodies before delivering the killing Death blow. 


Also listen out for the crushing “Suffocated” and “A Storm Inside” both of which are full of class, if you like Amorphis, Novembers Doom 5then you cant fail to like this incredible CD and that’s why it’s a clear choice for my album of the week and you can be sure that I’ll be playing plenty of track on my Hfm and Pipeline shows.


WEBISTE     http://www.ghostbrigade.net & http://www.season-of-mist.com







The Geordie lads return with one of their strongest alums in ages, no other band can touch Ginger when he’s on top form, he has a fantastic feel for hook laden melodies  and when he’s exorcising his demons his lyrics are second to none.


Right from the first track “The Jackson Whites” the band let rip with some great Pop / Metal that is so catchy and commercial a s hell but so good to listen to and you will find yourself singing along in no time flat, “The Only One2 has top 10 hit all though the centre like Blackpool rock and the lyrics to “John Of Violence” are particularly poignant and as good as it gets, even the mighty Weezer would have trouble matching them.  The whole CD is literally jam packed full of good songs and all of them have hit potential given half a chance, take “You Too The Sunshine From New York” a typical tale of a guy missing his girlfriend but its not what he dose it’s the way his dose it, take these couple of lines, “The kitchen cupboards full of granola bars, walking through the city beneath the stars, you pink knickers lie on the living room floor, nobody wants to clean them up no more” the scan perfectly and tell the listener just how he feels, brilliant.


If you haven’t heard the band for a while and lost touch with then this CD will restore your faith in the band, if you like Pop / Metal like Weezer, Feeder, Ash etc than you can’t fail to like this superb CD, go buy it now.


WEBSITE      http://www.thewildhearts.com