This is the Finnish bands 6th album and I’m glad to say its business as usual, you know what to expect, Brutal Death Metal short and to the point with lots of Melodic keyboards and its this last element that make s the band stand out above the rest.


For Children Of Bodom the keyboards are not just there for decoration, they are an integral part of the bands sound and son structure and not just there to make them more commercial,, take a listen to the title track or “Done With Everything” without the keys it just wouldn’t work and that is what makes these guys stand out form the competition.  If you haven’t heard much from COB then this is a good place to start and if you liked their previous albums you will not be disappointed with this CD at all.


Overall this is another fine CD from the guys and one that will win them new fans as well as keeping us older ones happy and all without selling out, pretty neat trick and you get the chance to see them at donnington this year, what more do you want.  Also listen out for; “Smile Pretty For The Devil”, “Hellhounds On My Trail”, “Banned From Heaven” and “Lobodomy” all of which are essential tunes; the only drawback with this album is its TOO DAMNED SHORT.


WEBSITE      http://www.cobhc.com/







If you’ve not come across Greek Melodic Metal band Firewind yet, that is all about the change with their latest album “The Premonition” as it is totally Classic Rock at its best at time reminding me of Joe Lyn Turner era Rainbow, early Malmsteen, yes its that good.


For starters the guitar playing is second to none but then when its Gus G, you know its has to be good, his style of  playing really suits Firewind as he never over does the guitar virtuoso bit he lets rip when its needed and cranks out the riffs like his life depends on it.  The vocalist Apollo Papathanasio puts in a very fine performance throughout this album and his multi layered vocals remind me at time of Graham Bonnet or Glen Hughes, listen to the excellent opening track “IntoThe Fire” and you will see what I mean, the power ballad “My Loneliness” is another prime example, emulating the masters of this type of song, the Scorpions. 


This really is a very fine album indeed and if this doesn’t break the band really big internationally there is no justice in the world as this deserves to be recognised for the work of true greatness that it is, there is not one song on here that is a filler and it really rocks when it needs to.  Listen out for; “Remembered”, “Mercenary Man”, “Life Foreclosed” and “Head Up High” and after this the band certainly can.  There is also a very good cover of “Maniac” and initial copes come with, you guessed it a free DVD, a truly worthy album of the week.


WEBSITE      http://www.firewind.gr/ & http://www.centurymeida.com/







So, this is the last Ministry album and they have decided to go out with a cover’s album, everybody and his mother seems to have done a cover’s album recently but at least with Ministry you can expect something with a twist to it!


For starters there is nothing controversial in the choice of tracks, all are Rock classics that have had Al’s ministerial stamp added to them, even the run of the mill tracks are good, “Under My Thumb” and “Band a Gong” being two of them for example, The Stones and T0Rex respectively.  What interests me more is the ones that have benefited the most from Al Jourgensen’s hand, some of the tracks have been out before but not easy to find and their inspired version of the Black Sabbath Classic “Supernaut” being my favourite, this first appeared on a Sabbath tribute alum under the name of 1000 Homo DJ’s and simply put is totally brilliant, also just as good is the Ministry version of the ZZ Top  song “Just Got Paid”, you would have trouble believing it use to be a blues song.


Overall this is a pretty good covers album and if you like Ministry you will have to have it, if only to hear them do “Radar Love” and we already love “Roadhouse Blues”, if you’re looking for a covers album this is one of the best.


WEBSITE      http://www.ministrymusic.org/