Wow this is one hell of an album, these guys are from Australia, Adelaide to be precise and their brand of Doom laden Gothic Metal with Symphonic tendencies is one of the most powerful, sombre and haunting things I have heard in ages and believe me I have heard some Metal in my time.


Their sound is at times similar to My Dying Bride, (which for me is no bad thing) but where they differ is their use of Classical influences and even Operatic type female vocals and all this is done with some of the best Doom Metal guitar riffs since the last MDB album.  The guys vocals are pure Death Metal and their use of the Adelaide Symphony is pure genius, the songs are slow, deliberate, haunting and despite all that’s going on there is plenty of Melody, space and atmosphere a plenty, just list to the opening track “The Fragile Breath” and you will hear exactly what I mean.  For me this is one of the most, powerful, emotive and inspiring CD’s that I have heard in a long time, the last time I head something as good as this it inspired me to write a song called “Beauty In Darkness” and that sums up this CD perfectly.


Also listen out for the 11 minutes epic that is “Darkness”, the superb use of Orchestration on “Silent” and the awesome “God In Dust” you have to hear this band and if you tune into my HFM shows I can grantee you will hear at least one track.


WEBSITE      http://www.virginblack.com/







It’s been a long 12 years since the Cavalera brothers Max and Igor played together in Seputltura on the Roots album and although both brothers have had success with their respective bands (Soulfly and Sepultura) this to my mind is the best the guys have done since then.


The music is as fierce and as uncompromising as they used to be and its impossible not to like track like “Heart Of Darkness”, “Must Kill” or the brutal title track “Inflikted” or the manic “Sanctuary” as they are played with such conviction and passion that you just get caught up with it.  You cant help but wonder just how big Sepultura would have become if the brothers hadn’t have fallen out and as much as I love Soulfly and Sepultura both have suffered from the split.


If you liked Sepultura up to Roots and like most of the heavier Soulfly track then you cant fail to be impressed with the Cavalera Conspiracy, also listen out for; “Terrorize”, “Thee Doom Of All Fire” and “Ultra-Violence” an essential buy for all Metal lovers the only restriction I have is the language on some tracks restricts the track I can play on the radio.


WEBSITE      http://www.myspace.com/cavaleraconspiracy & http://www.roadrunnerrecords.co.uk/


DOWNLOAD            Inflikted      &         “Sanctuary”







Is Thrash Metal still a viable genre in the 21st Century or is it just living off former glories? well one listen to the new Death Angel album will answer the question and leave you with no doubt, Thrash Metal still has what it takes to bang heads.


Its bee a long 4 years since “The Art Of Dying” but believe me when I say that the wait is well worth it with the quality of material on offer here but then again Death Angel always had quality.  Their brand of Thrash is a lot like the cover of the CD, at first glance it appears simple but effective but when you look closer at it there is a lot more going on in the background than you first thought, just take listen to the first track “Lord Of Hate” or the superb closing track “Resurrection Machine” and you will see what I mean.  The one thing that Death Angel brought to the Thrash genre was a better sense of dynamics, unlike some of their contemporise who had a tendency to be a bit one dimensional, they were not afraid to use acoustic guitars or have slow passages, similar to Testament in many ways.


This is yet another fine album from a veteran Thrash band that shows there is plenty riffs in the old dog yet and they still have plenty  of good songs in them yet.  Listen out for; “Sonic Beatdown”, “Dethroned”, “Soulless” and “God Vs. God”.  If you buy the Digi pack you get a free DVD of Death Angel Live In Strasbourg 2003 now that has to be good value for money!


WEBSITE      http://www.deathangel.com/ & http://www.nuclearblast.de/