They say that first impressions count, so for a major band like Slipknot with an army of maggots eagerly waiting to devour new material, I thought it would be good to capture my first impressions of their new album.


The CD opens in fine style with a short enigmatic piece called “Execute” which sets the stage for the opening salvo of “Gematria (The Killing Name)” which is Slipknot of old, raw, aggressive and totally uncompromising, packed full of twists and turns just how we like them and clocking in at just over 6 minutes its good value.  The next track “Sulfut” is shorter but just as caustic and has a more melodic chorus but still rocks like a bitch and has some nice extra percussion courtesy of the clown,  “Psychosocial” follows swift on its heal with a similar feel and as this is the first single we know and love it already. 


The pace is slowed down a bit with “Dead Memories” that has all the usual trademarks of the band with a strong commercial feel to it, “Vendetta” is pure, ruthless and unrelenting with a strong riff and neck breaking thunderous beats and as catchy as hell.  The next track is “Butcher’s Hook” which has a great staccato, off beat riff to it and really is full of great hooks, just beware some are very sharp, “Gehenna” is a slower, haunting, lumbering giant of a song, strong and menacing, the aggressiveness of “The Cold Black” is awesome and is Slipknot at their best, start, stop offbeat riffs, samples and tons of percussion.  The mayhem continues with “Wherein Lies Continue”, which is slightly slower pieced and a higher melodic content and sirens blazing, “Snuff” is the slow power ballad full of surprises, acoustically driven with some nice organ touches and more akin to Stone Sour but very good, the final track is the title track that we all know and love.


So there you have it, another Slipknot album to get to know and cherish, there is a limited edition with 3 extra tracks and a DVD that no self respecting maggot can be without, album of the week? What do think!


WEBSITE      http://www.slipknot.com/ & http://www.roadrunnerecords.co.uk/






Falconer are a Swedish Power Metal band with a big difference, their music and lyrical themes are hugely influenced by Folklore and folk music and this makes the guys sound very different.


Musically because of their influences, they stand out from the competition and the nearest comparison is Italian band Rhapsody Of Fire and that puts them in very good company indeed, one listen to the opening track “Field Of Sorrow” will show you exactly what I mean.  The band are not adverse to singing in their native tongue, which to my mind only adds credence to their musical prowess and gives the band a medieval, baroque feel, listen to “Vargaskall” for proof, “Vargaskall” was a hunting technique used in Sweden to hunt and kill Wolves, so successfully that they become extinct and involved a V shaped wooden coral to force the Wolves through the narrow gap where the hunters would easily pick them off.  The track “Mountain Men” has a strong baroque content to it as does “Boiling Led”.


This is for me the best Falconer CD so far and shows just how good the band can be and like Finnish band Korpiklanni the Folk influences give the band a strong identity, a well deserved album of the week and well worth any self respecting Metal fan buying, THERE IS A Digipak that has extra tracks and a video.  Also listen out for “Pale Light Of Silver Moon”, “Man Of The Hour”, “Carnival Of Disgust” and “Dreams And Pyres”, all well deserving of your attention.


WEBSITE      http://www.falconermusic.com/ & http://www.metalblade.co.uk/


DOWNLOAD            “Man Of The Hour”