I came across this band by total accident when looking for information on the new Cannibal Corpse DVD and thought I’d found a CC album I know nothing about the logo looked the same and so I was introduced to Cannabis Corpse.


They started out as a parody of Cannibal Corpse and as imitation is a sincere form of flattery, Cannibal Corpse should be well flattered, the twist in the name gives the band a different edge, Stoner / Death / Grindcore anyone?  The mix of gore, horror and weed certainly does add a new twist to the mix and when you hear “Mummified In Bongwater”, “Every Bud Smoken” or “Experiment In Horticulture” you will be amazed that it isn’t the great CC themselves, the vocals are convincing, so are the razor edged riffs, even the cover and the band logo are in keeping with the parody.


The may be a parody of CC but one thing is for certain, the Metal on offer here is no joke, its smokin’, top notch and very funny I have to say this is a very good way to be a tribute band and still be original, anyone for Bong Jovi?!! You can be sure I will be playing this for some time to come on my HFM show.


WEBSITE      http://www.cannabiscorpse.net/ & http://www.myspace.com/cannabiscorpse






This is Moonspell at their absolute best, last year they went back to their roots and re-recorded their first recording’s, just like Dimmu Borgir did  and this seems  to have revitalized the band and given them new impetus.


This is without doubt their heaviest material in a long time but the they still retain their trademarks but now they are darker, moodier and more enigmatic than they have been in a decade, just listen to the brutality of the title track “Night Eternal” or the monstrous sound of “Shadow Sun” both of which knock spots of anything g on their last 4 album’s and it doest stop there.  They still have that commercial touch as the melodic power of “Scorpion Flower“ shows, this is such a good song it could easily be a hit, yes it’s that good. 


If you don’t know much about Moonspell this is a damned fine place to start and if like me you’re a long standing fan you will be overjoyed by the sheer magnificence of the music.  Also listen out for; the blistering orchestral heaviness of “Moon In Mercury”, the utter blackness of “Dreamless (Lucifer & Lilith)”, the majesty of “At Tragic Heights”, the sheer grandeur of “First Light” and the awesome power of “Spring Of Rage”.  You have to get the limited edition that has extra tracks and a DVD and I have the feeling that this is going to be one of my highlights of 2008, a must buy.


WEBSITE      http://www.moonspell.com/ & http://www.spv.de/


TOTAL PLAYING TIME = 44 mins (standard version) + 9 TRACKS