Airbourne are an Australian band and because of this comparisons with AC/DC are inevitable, if not entirely accurate but lets face it, if you’re going to be compared to any band it might as well b4e a mega successful one.


Newly signed to Roadrunner records Airbourne play Classic Rock with a capital C and boy do they know how to rock, its balls to the wall all the way with these guys, just brilliant Rock riffs, one after another with no let up and as infectious as hell, you only have to listen to “Blackjack” the title track “Runnin Wild” or raucous “Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast” to be as hooked as a Barracuda caught on a fishing trip.  Like their countrymen Wolfmother, Airbourne are a throwback to 80’s Metal and as far removed from the current Metal scene as you can get and that’s what makes them so different, refreshing and timeless, how could you ever get tired of “Stand Up For Rock N Roll” or “Diamond In The Rough”?


If I had to compare them then Swiss band Krokus would be closer than AC/DC but you get the picture, just make sure you get the CD and put some class back into your Metal collection, good Rock like this will live forever, this is a fantastic start to 2008.


WEBSITE        http://www.myspace.com/airbourne & http://www.roadrunerrecords.co.uk/


TOTAL PLAYING TIME = 37 mins + 11 Kick Ass TRACKS 




If I asked you to name 3 Metal bands from Denmark you would probably say, Pretty Maids, Mercyful Fate, King Diamond or Mnemic and now you have a new name to add to the list, The Arcane Order.


These guys are everything I love about Metal in one CD, Hard, Aggressive, Uncompromising with a fine sense of Melody that adds to the sound and doesn’t swamp it, this is Modern Death Metal it its absolute peak and shows how good it can be.  The drumming on this album is totally stunning, solid as a rock but not afraid to push the envelope and be creative yet keep an air tight beat, the guitars are flawless with some amazingly fluid runs and more riffs than you can handle.  The keyboards are melodic and ride over the Metallic mêlée like a mad sonic surfer, the sheer Metallic brilliance of songs like; “Sanctity Of Allegiance”, “The Serpent Tower”, “Death Is Imminent” and “Horizon’s Buried” are impossible to deny.


Take heed, if this band is not huge in 2008 there is not justice in the world and I for one will do my damnedest to make sure every Metal Maniac know how good these Dane’s are, buy this CD or I’ll come round and rip your ears off, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.


WEBSITE      http://www.thearcaneorder.com/ & http://www.metalblade.de/


DOWNLOAD            “The Serpent Tower”  &   “Eruptions Of Red”