This is the 2nd album from the band that features ex Creed members with a different vocalist and it’s a real good one, if you like Melodic Rock bands like Nickelback, Bon Jovi or Creed you will love this.


I played the track “Rise Today” on my Friday night HFM show recently and before the song had finished I had an email asking who the band were and what album its from, this is the quickest response I’ve ever had from playing an relatively unknown band but rewarding to know that that its not just me that thinks they these guys are damn good.  The track in question is filled to bursting with melodic hooks, with intelligent emotional lyrics and more hook laden that a fisherman’s boat outing and this track is not alone as #”Brand New Start”, “Watch Over You” and “Break Me Down” demonstrate.  The band know how to ROCK as well one listen to “White Knuckles” and “Ties That Bind” prove and the UK bonus track “We Don’t Care At All” lets rip as well.


I really like the first Alter Bridge album but I have to say I love this new one ever better and I know of at least one listener to HFM called Sarah who thinks exactly the same so its not just me, if you like Melodic Rock with balls you will love this.


WEBSITE      http://www.alterbridge.com/


TOTAL PLAYING TIME = 63 mins + 14 TRACKS (UK edition)





When I read that the European tour had to be cancelled because Dave Wyndorf was battling his personal demons and was losing the fight I have to admit to crossing my fingers and hoping that he would pull through this and come out the other sided stronger and thankfully that’s just what has happened because 4-Way Diablo is the best Monster Magnet album since Power Trippin’.


The brash, over the topness, is still there as is the usual twisted, flamboyant lyrical content, with Dave on top form, one listen to “Blow You Away” and you will be and the stunning “Cyclone” is more than just strong and rips apart the competition with ease.  They do a cover of the Rolling ‘Stones classic “2,000 Lightyears From Home” and as usual make it something of there own and yet still mange to keep the spirit of the original intact as they did with “No Way Out Of Here” on the last CD.  I am really glad to see Dave and the band are back on top form and I hope it stay that way as the Metal world needs talent like Monster Magnet to destroy the mediocrity that is prevalent at the moment. 


Also listen out for; “Wall Of Fire”, “Slap In The Face” and “A Thousand Stars” totally essential listening and that’s why its my album of the week on my HFM show.


WEBSITE      http://www.monstermagnet.net/