It’s a blessing and a curs that the human brain tries to see patterns in everything, even if they’re not there, this builds up preconceptions so that it can anticipate information and speed up the recognition process, so when something comes along that not just challenges these preconceptions it give them a daman good going over as well the brain really sits up and pays attention, this is what PFF do very well.


The music they create is Industrialised Death Metal but this tag does no justice at all, take the title track, it has all the usual genre tools and an atonal, free form Jazz trumpet solo in it, this isn’t just outside the envelope it’s a dimensional jump and if like me you like feeling when your preconceptions are messed around with then PFF is for you.  It does not make for easy listening but the challenge is worth the enjoyment that you will reap from it, on “Regenerate” they sound not too dissimilar to Pitchshifter at their best and on every tracks there is something out of the ordinary to make you sit up and listen, one track even finishes up with a hard core Dub bass piece, see what I mean about preconceptions.


This is not an easy album to listen too but when you do you will get to like it very quickly, listen out for; “Motionless”, “The Conjoined”, “Regenerate”, “Eve Of Demise” and “Surface Noise” THIS IS A DAMNED FINE ALBUM.


WEBSITE      http://www.projectfailingflesh.com/


DOWNLOAD            “Surface Noise”         “Eve Of Demise”


TOTAL PLAYING TIME = 40 mins + 11 TRACKS         




For over 15 years Amorphis have been the leading light of Gothic Metal and this is the Finnish bands 10th album by my reckoning and though they have had some changes over the years they have been very consistent in their output and I am pleased to say the Silent Waters doesn’t buck the trend.


 The album starts off very aptly with “Weaving The Incantation” and that’s just what the band do over the next 10 tracks, “A  Servant” is just as good with its hard edged vocals and riff heavy guitars with some nice melody thrown in for good measure,  The title track stars off with a piano refrain that builds into a very fine song indeed and this is in the Finnish top 20, how good is that, the heavier more mournful “Towards and Against” has a killer guitar intro before launching into the metal and the hauntingly beautiful “Her Alone” is classic Amorphis at their best, also not to forget the commanding and exceptional “The White Swan” which is as powerful and majestic as its subject matter, with an eloquently memorable melody.


If you don’t know much by this band this is a fine place to start and if you’re a fan already you will want to add this to your collection and this is why is one of my featured albums on my 102.3 HFM show.


WEBSITE      http://www.amorphis.net/ & http://www.nuclearblast.de/






2007 finds Korn in a darker, more sinister place than they have been for quite a while, this make the songs seem heavier and in at times they are even understated which give the songs more powerful dynamics but still angst ridden.


The prime example of Korn 2007  is the track “Kiss”, which is a very dark, broody, threatening number, full of emptiness and regret, “Hold On” and “Killing” are more usual fare full of beat heavy riffs, growling bass and like the first single “Evolution”,  Korn at their best.  Lyrically Jonathan is on fine form and like the music very dark and somewhat disturbing but we wouldn’t have him any other way.  If you like Korn you will not be disappointed in this album and if your new to them, where the hell have you been, listen out for all of the aforementioned songs and “Innocent Bystander” and “Do What They Say” all we need now is a tour!


WEBSITE      http://www.korn.com/